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Experts in web/mobile app development and design, especially in Ruby on Rails, Java Script, UI/UX.

Know how to work remotely and do not miss deadlines, so we’re able to manage projects from around the world.

You should choose us if you aren’t satisfied with box products or you have tough startup and need outsource team of developers and designers to make it.

We are available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. UTC+5 on business days. It’s alright If you have different time zone, just text us.

Web Development

Front-end/Back-end development. Experts in Ruby on Rails and Java Script.

UI/UX design

Create clear wireframes and clean design. So user won’t get lost in the app.

Geoinformation systems

Develop interactive maps using Mapbox GL for different brunches.

AI and Machine learning

Chatbots, expert systems.

Mobile apps

Develop apps for any mobile OS. Use Objective-C, Swift, Java, UWP.

Flexible project management

Try to make project implementation as clear as we can. Invite clients in our Slack, Trello.

Michael Bogdanov

CTO / Senior Developer

Roman Nevmyvako


Anastasia Kislova

QA Engineer

Andrey Busygin

Business Development

Anna Ryabova

System Analyst

Nikita Efanov


Alexander Epifanov


Matvey Borovetc


Daria Tyapugina

Project Manager

Ilya Latypov

UX Designer

Kirill Klochkov


Anton Istomin


Konstantin Bezgodov


Nikita Puzyrev


Andrey Prikhodko

UI/UX Designer

Konstantin Startsev


Sergey Kalashnikov

UI/UX designer

Artur Luppov


Nikita Morozov


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